Undergraduate Research Academy

Undergraduate Research Academy

About Us

The Undergraduate Research Academy encourages students to expand their education beyond the classroom through participation in research and creative projects mentored by UCCS faculty. The Academy objective is to support collaborative efforts between the student and faculty member, where both members benefit from the experience. Academy students act as research assistants on meaningful projects identified by their faculty mentor. Through this yearlong opportunity, the student gains valuable experience, while being paid, and the faculty member's research program goals are furthered. In addition to their research, students take part in a monthly seminar and professional development opportunities.


URA Student Success

Jeffrey Callan Success Story
Jeffrey Callan, Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bono

During his time in the URA, Jeff worked in the biology lab studying the molecular interactions in the female reproduction tract. Using fruit flies as model organisms, he was able to study the roles certain genes played in fertility.

Along with his studies, Jeff gained experience in Peer Reviewing. After a Peer Review Workshop during the Summer URA session, he became interested in the reviewing process and worked closely with the Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ). He also attributes his communication and time management skills to his URA experience.
Brandon Collins Success Story
Brandon Collins, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Philip Brown

As a URA student, Brandon completed a lot of analytical work as he studied the Algorithmic Game Theory. This required various meeting and a lot of time in the lab determining proofs. In early January 2020, Brandon and Dr. Brown got their work published.

Some of the skills Brandon honed in on during his URA studies included:

• La TeX
• Python
• Elevator pitches