Program Overview


Program Overview

The Undergraduate Research Academy encourages students to expand their education beyond the classroom through participation in research and creative projects mentored by UCCS faculty. The Academy objective is to support collaborative efforts between the student and faculty member, where both members benefit from the experience. Academy students act as research assistants on meaningful projects identified by their faculty mentor. The faculty member is responsible for providing significant and meaningful guidance and mentorship. Through this opportunity, the student gains valuable experience, while being paid, and the faculty member’s research program goals are furthered. Students may identify faculty mentors or vice versa.

The CU system president is dedicated to improving the cybersecurity knowledge of students graduating from UCCS and has funded these grants to explore cybersecurity more deeply. The cybersecurity undergraduate student opportunities are intended to create partnerships between students and faculty to work on ways to integrate cybersecurity into multiple disciplines across campus.  UCCS has a robust effort to bring cybersecurity into all 6 of the Colleges.  In addition to digging deeper into the work in existing programs in Engineering and Applied Science and College of Business we hope to look at the full spectrum of cybersecurity disciplines to include social engineering, digital citizenship, teacher education, public service, policy, legal, data security and other areas you can discover.  Cybersecurity is going to be a part of any job in the future, so take this opportunity to see ho cyber can fit into your discipline and bring it to a higher level of understanding. 

Funding Possibilities
Student expectations
Faculty expectations

[1] Students must abide by university policies on employment. These policies may differ between the regular semester and the summer semester. Faculty Mentors are responsible for ensuring they are following university policies regarding student employment.

Questions can be directed to Jennifer Poe, URA Director at