2023 URA Cohort Awardees


2023 URA Cohort Awardees

Congratulations to our 2023 URA Cohort Awardees!


Awardee: Kaylin Muller

Faculty Mentor: Colin Mahoney

“Trauma, Substance Use, and Biopsychosocial Outcomes Study”


Awardee: Brenda Cruz

Faculty Mentor: Kristen Rudd

“Evaluating the Impact of Socioeconomic Status: Under resourced communities shape parenting practices and children’s outcomes”


Awardee: Ellie McLane

Faculty Mentor: Diana Selmeczy

“The Role of Active Help-Seeking in Supporting Knowledge Integration”


Awardee: Alexandria Pavkov

Faculty Mentor: Tom Francis

“Developing a Neurodivergent Workplace Model”


Awardee: Melissa Mikolaitis

Faculty Mentor: Steven Bistricky

“Examining a Novel Self-Compassion-Based Intervention to Optimize Sleep and Health in Trauma-Exposed Individuals: Preparing for Graduate Study while Advancing the Knowledge Base”


Awardee: Lisa Wilkes

Faculty Mentor: Radu Cascaval

“A Machine Learning Approach to the Human Autoregulation Mechanism”


Awardee: Keaton Miller

Faculty Mentor: Roger Martinez

“Dark Archives: Citizen Science Mobile App”


Awardee: Lawrence Scafuri

Faculty Mentor: Ezio Iacocca

“Investigating the dynamics of a macroscopic artificial spin ice”


Awardee: Hayden McLaughlin

Faculty Mentor: Cindy Yee

“Machine learning classification of geostationary satellites for space situational awareness.”


Awardee: Judah Small

Faculty Mentor: Byeong Kil Lee

“Intelligent Branch Prediction Scheme for Emerging Workloads”


Awardee: Sarah Cooper

Faculty Mentor: Jess Kirby

“A scoping review of factors impacting the mental, social, and emotional wellness of college student-athletes in the U.S.”


Awardee: Jillian Raiger

Faculty Mentor: Judith Scott

“Anti-agesim and Communications Skills training for pre-service health professionals in preparation for working with older adults”


Awardee: Molly Breuer

Faculty Mentor: Joey Lee

“Exploration of the Validity and Utility of Wearable Physical Activity Devices”


Awardee: Clinton Green

Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Bono

“Investigating a novel role of RNA in fertility”


Awardee: Camden Trent

Faculty Mentor: James Kovacs

“Single Chain Variable Antibody Fragment as Lupus Therapeutic and Imaging Agent”


Awardee: Sara Anderson

Faculty Mentor: Janak Paudyal

“Colorimetric Detection of Dopamine Using Enzyme-mimicking activity of the use β-cyclodextrin-modified gold nanoparticles (β-CD-AuNPs)”


Awardee: Nikodemos Hughes

Faculty Mentor: Amanda Morgenstern

“Effects of Electric Fields on Electron Charge Density”


Awardee: Halie Martin

Faculty Mentor: Andy Klocko

“Characterizing the effect of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) on microbial communities, the survivability of individual bacteria in the environment, and bacterial viability.”


Awardee: Alissa Ervin

Faculty Mentor: Ronald Ruminski

“Syntheses of Osmium(II) building block molecules for potential use in PhotoDynamicTherapy(PDT)”


Awardee: Alexander Ruiz

Faculty Mentor: Allen Schofstall

“Synthesis of a bis-triazole polyamide using ‘click chemistry’”


Awardee: Jackson Thorne

Faculty Mentor: Lynnane George

“Development of a Mars Rover Utilizing Decoupled Axis System Base”


Awardee: Jonathan Garbrick

Faculty Mentor: Lynnane George

“A Dual Approach for Developing Efficient Human Round Trip Trajectories to Mars and Ceres”


Awardee: Jonathon Glidden

Faculty Mentor: Christopher Foley

“Measurements of Brushless DC Electric Motor Design Torque Profiles”


Awardee: Sandy Camerena

Faculty Mentor: Jena McCollum

“Development of a Drone Based Robot for In-Space Servicing and Maintenance”