2022 URA Cohort Awardees


2022 URA Cohort Awardees

The 2022 URA Cohort is our largest yet with 34 student-faculty pairs!

Awardee: Laurique Hughes
Faculty Mentor: Kevin Tvrdy

Totally Tubular: Determination of the Effect of Sonication on the Length and Purification of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes”

Awardee: Kyrie Milliron
Faculty Mentor: James Kovacs

Discovering the Molecular Requirements for Epstein-Barr Virus Attachment

Check out this interview with Kyrie Milliron HERE!

Awardee: Ana Barovic
Faculty Mentor: Allen Schofftall

Reduction of Isoxazoles to Enaminals and Their Conversion to Heterocycles

Awardee: Advita Bhatia
Faculty Mentor: Crystal Vander Zanden

Simulations to Determine the Neuroprotective Mechanism of Curcumin in Alzheimer's Disease

Awardee: Abigail Shultz
Faculty Mentor: Aaron Corcoran

Biomechanics of Bat Maneuvering in Natural Predatory Flight

Awardee: John McCoy
Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Bono

Investigating a novel function of RNA in fertility

Awardee: Victoria Toscano
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Klocko

Exploring how changes in epigenetic marks impacts the organization of the fungal genome

Awardee: Audrey Fahland
Faculty Mentor: Emily Mooney

Diversity in Predation in the Environment of the Azure Butterfly

Check out this interview with Audrey Fahland HERE!


Awardee: Natalie Bondarchuk
Faculty Mentor: Amy Klocko

Analysis of targeting effectiveness, efficiency, and predicted protein impacts of CRISPR-Cas9 editing of two genes in domestic apple

Check out this interview with Natalie Bondarchuk HERE!


Awardee: Jason Cuthbert
Faculty Mentor: Omid Semiari

Towards Developing an End to End Simulator for Low Latency Communications and Edge Computing in Vehicular Networks

Awardee: Sam Peters
Faculty Mentor: Byeong Lee

Synthetic Malware Data Augmentation for Deep Learning Network Training

Awardee: Kaylie Maddux
Faculty Mentor: Scott Trimboli

Battery Modeling and Control Toolbox for ASPIRE

Awardee: Lauren Clarke
Faculty Mentor: Diep Dao

Gentrification and Hispanic Community Displacements in Colorado Springs

Awardee: Tyler Ingram
Faculty Mentor: Cerian Gibbes

Dynamics of violence: Utilizing space-based measurements of radiation to study unrest

Awardee: Michael Nameika
Faculty Mentor: Justin Cole

Data Driven Approximation of Topological Insulator Systems

Awardee: Cecilia Knight
Faculty Mentor: Lynnane George

Development of a CubeSat Small Satellite Demonstrator

Awardee: Duncan Schlueter
Faculty Mentor: Matt Quinlan

Nonlinear acoustic daming: single baffle blade testing

Awardee: Christian Lewis
Faculty Mentor: Lynnane George

Human Crewed Interplanetary Trajectories for the Roundtrip Exploration of Mars and Ceres

Check out this interview with Christian Lewis HERE!

Awardee: Anna Carrier
Faculty Mentor: Nathan Morris

Skeletal muscle and body temperature responses during uphill and downhill running

Awardee: Alix Walters
Faculty Mentor: Kathrin Spendier

Low-cost device for determining heat source location

Awardee: Kaitlin McAllister
Faculty Mentor: Dmytro Bozhko

Magnetic rogue waves observation using near-field scanning microwave microscope

Awardee: Melissa Mikolaitis
Faculty Mentor: Giles David Arceneaux

Beyond the Iron Dome: Cross-System Exposure and Public Perceptions of Ballistic Missile Defense

Awardee: Naila Tagoilelagi
Faculty Mentor: Beth Daniels

Sexual Harassment in STEM: Impacts on Women's Well-Being and Career Plans

Awardee: Isabella Arsenault
Faculty Mentor: Tom Francis

The Future for the Next Generation of College Students: Impact, Implications, and Recommendations for Success

Awardee: Lily Herlihy
Faculty Mentor: Lori James

Can a Stress Mindset Manipulation Affect Older Adults' Speech Production?

Awardee: Katie Agenbroad
Faculty Mentor: Rachel Weiskittle

The Effects of Lonliness, Kinship, and Perception of Burden on Older Adult Suicidality

Check out this interview with Katie Agenbroad HERE!


Awardee: Grai Calabro
Faculty Mentor: Diana Selmeczy

Children's Study Strategies: The Role of Choice and Value

Check out this interview with Grai Calabro HERE!


Awardee: Alyssa Premovich
Faculty Mentor: Dan Segal

An Empirical Examination of Age and Gender Bias on the Alternative Model of Personality Disorders Among Older Adults

Awardee: Aja Zamundu
Faculty Mentor: Heather Littleton

Race on campus in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter

Awardee: Maddie Vickroy
Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Gangemi

How Do Undergrad Students at UCCS Perceive the Effects of ACEs on Their Selection of Major

Awardee: William Smith
Faculty Mentor: Jefferey Montez de Oca

Developing Praxis: A Comparative Study of Two Denver-Based Social Justice Groups

Awardee: William Ross
Faculty Mentor: Monica Yoo

How Targeted Coursework Impacts In-service Teachers' Practices in Classrooms with Multilingual Learners

Awardee: Courtney Cowling
Faculty Mentor: Tre Wentling

Transgender Embodied States of Recognition

Check out this interview with Courtney Cowling HERE!